About Us

The MINDCHALLENGING HUB is a multidimensional and dynamic platform based in Guangzhou, an economic megalopolis in Southern China. The MINDCHALLENGING HUB aims to challenge, connect and strengthen the capacities of individuals in various sectors.

Our goal is “To challenge the thought system, connect and build on the capacities of the people we serve in order to enable them to be up to par with life’s greatest challenges”. Anyone who is physically or outside our service area is eligible to participate in our sessions through our various virtual workshops

GENESIS (Our history)

Our platform came to exist from a deep burden of wanting to see African communities in Guangzhou reach the climax of their potential. This observation came about almost a decade since our arrival in China, until this very day it still leaves us deeply concerned about the extent to which most people from African communities in the city of Guangzhou live in a routine that does not allow them to forge fruitful relationships with their peers; whether in the business, academic or social sector.

In order to address this problem, this platform solely made for the transformation of the thought system, networking and capacity building was created. 

Our Credo


The law of inertia, also called Newton’s first law, states in physics that “Every body perseveres in a state of rest or steady movement in a straight line in which it finds itself, unless some force acts on it, and forces it to change its state. Just as in physics, an external force forces a mobile to change its state of movement as much as we believe that the change of state in a person’s life involves exposure to information that will push him to be challenged in order to change the trajectory of his life.


“Unless you heal the root of a problem, the pain will not disappear.” We are convinced that to create lasting change in Africa, it is necessary to make investments that address the causes, not just the symptoms; that solve the problem at the root and not at the branch level. Lack of leadership in all sectors is the cause of many problems in all societies around the world and especially Africa.


Man is as the state of his soul is (spirit, will and emotion). Therefore, anyone who controls the soul of a person, entirely controls the person. Thus, to change a person, you have to change his system of thought. Hence we refer to “working on the thought system” as the “battlefield” of this platform.


Everyone has potential that must be maximized especially young people: many of those who changed the world did so while they were still very young. Martin Luther King Jr. at 29; Nelson Mandela at 26; Elon MUSK at 18; Bill Gates at 19;…


Despite the existence of numerous theoretical and ideologies, we believe in an approach, a philosophy to a myth of development, innovation, our own progress that meet the conditions and needs of the African continent. “Men make history by inventing myths. Myths make men by structuring history. Thus are born the narrative-forces and the narration-powers which are the engines of human destiny”. It is up to the new African generation to undertake and guarantee the production, creation and construction of such myths that will make Africa shine brighter.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As Nelson Mandela said, the 21st century presents us with so many opportunities with the internet to grow our skills; our know-how; know-how to have and know-how to be. Hence capacity building is an important battleground for our platform.

Vision & Mission

The MIND CHALLENGING-HUB (MCH) is a platform with an aim to transform the thought system of individuals in general, particularly the African community based in China. By developing an effective network of entrepreneurs and students who will together learn about personal development and work to meet the greatest challenges of the African continent in order to achieve significant results that will positively impact their lives and the world.

Our Values:

Wisdom, Intelligence & Science

By wisdom a house is built,
And by understanding it is established ;
By knowledge its rooms are filled
with all precious and pleasant riches.